Student guilty in beating incident

Julie Stege received six months of court supervision for beating a fellow NIU student on April 11.

DeKalb County Courthouse records indicate that Stege, a John Lennon Society member and former Student Association Senator, “without legal justification, intentionally caused bodily harm to Juan Nunez, in that Julie Stege struck Nunez in the legs with her feet and struck him about the chest and arms with her closed fists.”

In May, Stege pleaded not guilty to the battery charge. The status of the case was scheduled to be reviewed in June.

According to courthouse records, the former SA welfare adviser changed her plea to guilty and paid $100 bail after “facts supporting the charge” were given at her trial in June.

Stege will receive court supervision because the court decided that Stege is “not likely to commit any further crimes” and has no criminal record, reports indicate.

The court supervison ruling will be reviewed Dec. 26 and charges will be dropped if Stege has not violated “any criminal statute of any jurisdiciton,” has paid 10 percent of the $1,000 bond and has made “no contact with Mr. Nunez,” reports indicate.