Clerk might join Hartingan

By Lisa Daigle

Dekalb County Clerk Terry Desmond might join Neil Hartigan, Illinois attorney general and gubernatorial candidate, on the Democratic ticket as lieutenant governor.

During a two-hour discussion between Desmond and Hartigan in Chicago a few months ago, Desmon said he told Hartigan he would accept the position if Hartigan offered it.

Desmond said he might be notified of an answer in two to three weeks. Other potential running mates must decide whether to run again for the positions they hold or to run for U.S. senate seats, Desmon said.

When Desmond would not openly commit to the possibility of becoming Hartigan’s running mate, Friday’s Chicago Tribune “Inc.” column stated that Desmond is a possible candidate for lieutenant governor.

One possible roadblock to Desmond’s appointment would be the democratic ticket.

Desmond said part of the democratic philosophy is 2we should have at least one woman on the ticket.” He said he feels “very strongly” that the ticket should include a woman.

If there is not a woman on the ticket by the time Hartigan must choose a running mate, it would have a “strong edge in the Hartigan decision,” Desmond said.

Desmond has been involved with Dekalb county government for 17 years and has worked with more thatn 6,600 municipal governments, public school districts and community colleges on a “day-to-day basis,” he said. Local governments are of “critical concern” for the gubernatorial elections, he said.

“If there are dues to bepaid, I would say I’ve been involved,” Desmond said.

Desmond has been Dekalb county clerk since 1978. He was a county board member for seven years before he became county clerk.