Frat receives new suspension status

By David Pollard

The Sigma Chi fraternity has been on suspension since December, but carries a “deferred suspension” status.

The fraternity had been put on suspension in December of last year because of a racially insulting skit that was performed at The Jungle, a local bar in the Greek Row area.

Michelle Emmett, director of University Programming and Activities said, with the original suspension the fraternity would not be able to sponsor social activities, Inter-Fraternity Council rush, pledge classes and pledging activities, Greek Week participation, participation in greek intramurals/chapter intramurals, and fraternity/sorority social exchanges.

Also prohibited was voting in Inter-Fraternity Council; advertising or promotion of any event related to Sigma Chi except those included in sanctions, little sister social activities, formals, semi-formals, Parents’ Day activities and activities of any other type without the prior approval of the administrative review team.

She said, after the suspension “an administrative review team was set up and made up of three faculty and staff members and three Sigma Chi alumni to supervise the suspension of the fraternity and provide assistance during the 12 months.” Emmett said she served as chair of that committee.

In conjunction with its suspension, the fraternity has to put on a series of education, training and service programs focused on increasing racial awareness. The programs are to be conducted during the suspension period, she said.

The new “deferred suspension” was placed on the fraternity in May of 1989 by Jon Dalton, former vice-president for student affairs, as a result of the review that came from the administrative review board and the fraternity’s compliance with the suspension, she said.

Under deferred suspension “they will be allowed to participate in Inter-Fraternity Council rush, they have the privilege of taking a pledge class, holding pledge activities based on the new pledge manual,” she said.

She said the new pledge manual, “must contain all the suggestions and changes proposed by the review team relative to the importance and appreciation of racial and ethnic differences.”

The fraternity will be able to host a Parent’s Day during this fall semester in order to educate parents and gain there support for the organization. They may also have one alumni function during homecoming to gain support for their chapter.

Emmett said they will be able to participate in two greek intramural or chapter intramurals. There will only be two non-alcoholic mixers allowed in their fraternity house. The “mixers” must include an intercultural emphasis by inviting different minority groups.

She said the fraternity can continue to request involvement in service and philanthropic ventures.

“It is only through interaction with members of other groups that pledges and current members will deepen the understanding and break down barriers that exist with other ethnic groups.

Emmet said she does not know if the fraternity will get its full privileges back. “It remains to be seen.”

“If by chance the chapter doesn’t abide by the rules of the suspension they will probably be expelled from campus. The suspension could be continued during the spring or they could be lessoned to a probationary status,” she said.

Kevin Meadows, president of Sigma Chi fraternity said, “We’re happy with it (deferred suspension). We didn’t get a lot of things back that we wanted.”

When asked when they would not be under suspension he said, “That is all up to the review team.

“Our house has grown tremendously and we would like to bring our education and awareness to the greek and NIU community,” Meadows said.