Senate position critical to parties

By Galvin Kennedy

Representative John Countryman, R-DeKalb, might run against Senator Pat Welch, D-Peru, for a state senate seat, and the winner could hold a key position in determining which political party will have the power to reapportion the voting districts for the 1990s.

After the 1990 census determines how many electoral votes Illinois will receive, the majority party in both state houses will have the power to reapportion the voting districts making the upcoming election that much more critical, Senator Welch said.

Because these districts could determine the balance of party seats and power for the next 10 years, “I will put in extra effort in the upcoming election if I decide to run,” Welch said.

As of now, Countryman said he has not decided if he is going to run for senator and “there are a lot of factors which will go into my decision,” adding he probably won’t make his decision until next fall.

“I have heard for several years that John has considered running for senator and I don’t see why this upcoming election will be different,” Welch said.

If anything, “I would think it would be less likely this year for John to run (for senator) because he has expressed an interest in a federal judgeship,” Welch said.

Countryman would not comment on whether he was considering seeking a federal judgeship.