Search to replace Dalton continues

By Katrina Kelly

It is uncertain who will assume the duties of Jon Dalton, NIU vice president for student affairs, as he prepares to start his new job at Florida State University on Aug. 15.

No name has been publicly mentioned for the interim position, and the uncertainty has drawn a reaction from two NIU employees, who have expressed their concerns about the vacancy in a letter to NIU President John La Tourette.

The letter was signed by Felecia Thomas, associate director of University Programming and Activities, and Donella Marsh, a counselor in NIU’s CHANCE program, Thomas said. Thomas, who spoke for herself and Marsh, said the letter is a private matter and would not comment on the letter’s content.

Anne Groves, La Tourette’s secretary, said Tuesday that La Tourette “could not possibly comment on” the letter, as the search for an interim vice president is underway.

Barbara Henley, assistant vice president for student affairs, said Monday that she has not been told that she is a candidate for interim vice president. She declined to comment on her qualifications for the vice president position.

Student Association President Huda Scheidelman said La Tourette is “considering a lot of people” for the position.

Dalton and Henley’s positions “serve different purposes,” Scheidelman said. “The assistant to the (vice president) position doesn’t always get the job and isn’t always necessarily in,” she said.

The names of the following NIU employees have been mentioned as possible candidates for interim vice president for student affairs:

Harry Canon, former NIU vice president for student affairs and current assistant chairman of the Leadership and Educational Policy Study department,

Sue Doederlein, assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,

Michelle Emmett, director of University Programming and Activities,

Gary Gresholdt, administrative assistant to Dalton,

William Herrmann, director of Bond Revenue Operations,

obert Nejedlo, professor of Leadership and Educational Policy Studies,

James Russell, coordinator of Community Collge Relations, and

Gary Scott, director of NIU’s Career Planning and Placement Center.

Groves said Monday that La Tourette is continuing to consult with Dalton, Henley, student leaders and department directors about the selection of an interim vice president. La Tourette hopes to make a decision next week, Groves said.