Poster reasoning

This letter is in response to the article in the April 17 edition of The Northern Star about the penis fliers promoting Bar-None recording artist, Otis Ball and the Chains. Bar-None also handles They Might Be Giants. The persons who complained about the fliers number around four (two students, a staff member and a faculty member). The one poster described in your article pictured a stick figure with one eye, three breasts and two penises. It was labeled androgyny. The “slut” was really a compound word for the band, Slut Kings. Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles decided not to mention the other word “King” for some reason. Why is that, Mr. Bolles? The word “f—” was never mentioned in any of the fliers. The stick figure in one poster appeared to have its middle finger up. I guess that Mr. Bolles interpreted the saying “f— you” from this. Is this a case of obscenity, Mr. Bolles? The statement was quite simple. It was a promotional gimmick of sorts for the Otis Ball and the Chains concert. When I talked to Mr. Bolles about the penis matter, he said if I knew the culprits to tell them they were in big trouble. I felt as if I was in the principal’s office again, about to be whipped with a ruler. It was if he was trying to harass a confession out of me. Humor is in the eye of the beholder, Mr. Bolles. Does Mr. Bolles remember the first amendment? What crime was broken, Mr. Bolles? He also told me that he was investigating the penis matter. Rape is running rampant on this campus and Mr. Bolles is trying to catch evil penis drawers. What about the frat flier with women dressed in nothing, showing off their huge breasts and hot legs, Mr. Bolles? You see they have first amendment rights just like these penis-drawers, Mr. Bolles.

Mr. Bolles described only one flier to the Star reporter. There were many fliers which had nothing “obscene” printed on them. True, some of the fliers were in bad taste (a product of my Catholic school history) but no laws were broken. Some fliers had Allen Roscoe’s name on them. This was a funny joke, not a hate joke. The Public Address System does not hate the Star or Mr. Roscoe. However, there are some who think Roscoe is an idiot. How is that JP and the Cats video coming, Allen? Watch for Otis Ball and the Chains this August on MTV. Maybe you will learn something, Allen.

Glen Szczypka