Band posters removed from campus areas

By Stephanie Bradley

Several posters advertising an Otis Ball and the Chains concert were removed from NIU buildings and other places on campus by students, faculty and staff who found them offensive.

Michelle Emmett, University Programming and Activities director, said to her knowledge none of the posters, which measured about 16 by 20 inches, were given a UP & A approval stamp. She said some posters removed by UP & A were sent to the NIU Judicial Office.

The posters showed a penis and breasts. They also had the words “slut” and “f— you” on them, NIU Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles said. Several students, faculty and staff took the removed posters to the judicial office and complained about them, he said.

Bolles said the posters might not have been offensive if they made some sort of statement, but they did not. He said the two people who gave him information regarding the posters thought their content was “funny.” Bolles said he wants to speak with the individuals who made the posters because he wants to know their reason for publicizing the band in that way.

The Public Address System, a sporadically-published alternative newspaper, was named on the posters because some of the proceeds were to be used to fund the next issue, said Lynn Stickler, a reporter for the paper. The Wesley Foundation, a campus ministry, also was named on the posters because it was renting out space to hold the concert, she said.

ev. Dave Schmidt of the Wesley Foundation said he did not know about the posters until Emmett showed them to him Friday. Schmidt cancelled the concert, which was scheduled for Friday night, because of the nature of the posters, he said. The PA System previously has held concerts at the Wesley Foundation, Schmidt said.

Some of the posters also read, “approved by Allen Roscoe of The Northern Star.” Roscoe, a features reporter, said he believes his name and the Star’s name are on the posters because “they (the PA System staff) hate me and hate The Northern Star. It’s their idea of a joke.”

Stickler said she did not believe the posters she saw would be put up because they were “gross” and she did not like them. She said none of the posters were UP & A approved, but approval is often not requested because posters are put up outside on campus.

Stickler said many people were involved in the concert, not just staff members of the PA System. She said no one at the paper has authority over anyone else at the paper, so “people can do what they want.”