SAMTB rejects holding fundraiser with Phi Sigs

By Holly Schubert

The Student Association Mass Transit Board voted to not allow Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity to use the name of the Late Nite Ride Service on raffle tickets.

After 30 minutes of debate, board members decided to reject participating in a fundraiser that would have benefited both the Phi Sig pledge class and the ride service.

Board Chairman Dave Emerick told the board that it was his understanding the fraternity would use some of the proceeds from the raffle to purchase jackets, paddles and do a house project with the ride service receiving the remainder of the proceeds.

The fraternity had not specified an amount or percentage of profits the service would receive.

Board Member Olin Anderson said he had a problem with the percentage of raffle revenue the service might receive. “To me, 10 to 15 percent is not a lot. If it’s (projected total revenue from the raffle) only $1,000, we’re not going to get much out of it.”

Dave Pack, SAMTB member, questioned the use of the ride service’s name on raffle tickets with only a small portion of revenue going to the ride service.

Board Member Brian Callaghan defended SAMTB participation in the raffle, “I can only see it helping.

“Whether or not Late Nite Ride Service is on them, tickets will be sold. It’s our choice not to take the money or take the money to benefit ourselves. We’re looking a gift horse in the mouth.”

Mike Cassman, Late Nite Ride Service chairman, who abstained from voting for the raffle, recommended that the board remain independent in the future and remain funded by the bus fee.

Graduate Assistant Robin Purdy-Lee said if Late Nite ridership “continues to skyrocket, the board may want to consider getting other people involved.”

Last weekend Late Nite Ride Service transported 89 students, Cassman said. This is almost a 75 percent increase from the previous weekend.

Board Member Brigid Garry said the raffle would not only provide the service with money, but it would also publicize the service.