Student struck by auto, hospitalized

By Stephanie Bradley

An NIU student was struck by a car on Normal Road near Founders Memorial Library Wednesday.

Susan Livingston, 20, of 803 N. Ninth St., DeKalb, was struck at about 1:50 p.m. and taken to Kishwaukee Community Hospital, Capt. Warren Lubbers, DeKalb Fire Department, said.

Cheri Mathesius, Kishwaukee Hospital nursing supervisor, said Livingston was “stable and doing fine” as of last night.

NIU Freshman Jason Leslie, a witness to the accident, was crossing Normal Road from the north driveway in front of Davis Hall when he spotted a white car, which appeared to be a Datsun 280 ZX, approaching from the south. As he reached the curb he heard brakes lock and squeal. He turned to the right and saw a bookbag fly up into the air.

“It seemed like the car was skidding for a long time,” he said.

Leslie said he then saw the car’s bumper strike Livingston below the knees. Livingston flew up, hit the windshield, hit the hood twice, then rolled off the car to the left, he said.

Leslie said he and another student put coats on Livingston and instructed another student to call an ambulance. There appeared to be a lot of blood coming from one of Livingston’s arms, he said.

The DeKalb Police said Livingston was concious when they put her in the ambulance, but Leslie said he did not see the victim move or speak.

The driver of the car, an unidentified female, got out of the car and appeared to be in shock, Leslie said.

A police report of the accident was not available.