SA Senate receives three resignations

By Holly Schubert

The Student Association Senate filled two senatorial vacancies Sunday night, but received three new senate resignations—one of which the senate voted not to accept.

Senate Speaker Phill Buoscio told the senate he had received on-campus Sen. Rajesh Kumar Ric Udit’s resignation, but asked the senate to not accept it. Buoscio said Udit is a hard worker and not accepting his resignation Sunday would show Udit his peers want him to stay on the senate.

Sen. Gary Stittgen agreed. “He’s the only senator, myself included, who contacts his channel organizations on a timely basis.”

Channels is an SA program to help the senate keep in contact with student organizations. Each senator adopts several student organizations and acts as a liason between the senate and the groups.

Udit, who did not attend Sunday’s senate meeting, could not be reached for comment Monday.

The senate did approve the resignations of Sens. John Martin and Matt Nielsen.

Buoscio read a letter to the senate from Nielsen that said his major reason for resigning was time constraints created by a busy schedule and a marketing internship.

Sen. John Martin told the senate he was resigning verbally “because he did not want to leave on a bad note”.

“I can no longer associate myself with a group that doesn’t mean anything or accomplish anything. I resign.” Martin then left the senate meeting.

Martin actively participated in senate discussion Sunday until he resigned near the end of the meeting.

Buoscio said Martin and Nielsen’s resignations created two off-campus senate vacancies. If the senate accepts Udit’s resignation at a future meeting, one on-campus seat will open.

The senate quickly approved the appointment of Mike Murvihill and Robert McCormack to previously existing off- and on-campus senate vacancies, respectively.

SA President Paula Radtke swore the two new senators, and about 25 current senators who wanted to reaffirm their oaths, into office.