Parking budget approved; student pay raise possible

By Stephanie Bradley

The NIU Parking Committee approved the Parking Division’s fiscal year 1990 budget at its Thursday meeting.

Business and Operations Controller Robert Albanese said the division had $289,000 left in its budget at the end of FY88. The division will have $2,361,500 transferred into its account for FY90 and $1,678,000 transferred out for projects, leaving a balance of $972,500.

The committee proposed hiring students to walk around the parking lots and check for valid parking stickers. Student member Henry Winsor said many people are parking in lots for which they either do not have stickers or do not have the correct sticker for that specific lot. These people are not being ticketed because some ticketers do not get out of their cars, he said.

Gary Stittgen, representing the Student Association, said students will not walk around in large parking lots in bad weather for $3.50 per hour, the current NIU minimum wage. He said students might be inclined to take the job for $4.50 or $5.00 per hour.

The committee also discussed how the recent promotion of Pat Hewitt, former assistant to Vice President for Finance and Planning Eddie Williams, affects her position on the parking committee. Chairman Robert Bornhuetter said a replacement from Williams’ office for Hewitt will have to be found.

In other business, the committee discussed the revisions of uses for service spaces. Committee member Steve Lux said two types of spaces should be created: a set purely for use by off-campus vendors and assorted university vehicles, some of which have yet to be determined. Another set will be 15 minute loading and unloading spaces “for use by anyone, no permit required parking,” a report written by Lux stated.

Lux said the exception to these spaces will be six transferable spaces that will be reserved for food service vehicles.

Changes made to the division’s pamphlet are standard from year to year, and changes are also made from motions proposed by committee members, Campus Parking Manager Lynn Fraser said.

The committee at first decided to make lot 15 available to those people having blue and green parking permits. Committee member Elise Masur asked that the committee not take away anymore blue spaces because faculty have already lost many spaces.

Lot 15, which is currently reserved for those with blue permits, is located between Normal and Carroll Roads and Lincoln Terrace.

After discussion, the committee decided to refer the lot coding issue to a subcommittee.