IFC votes to end little sisters

By Claudia Curry

A resolution concerning the disbanding of the little sister program at NIU fraternities was passed Tuesday night at the first Interfraternity Council meeting of the semester.

IFC President Jim Valentine said the termination of the little sister program should have been determined by the IFC, and not by NIU administration.

“I personally feel that the university should not be telling us what to do and telling us that we don’t have any choice over what the administration decides,” he said.

Kevin Gross, IFC vice president of administration, said the council’s main concern is not “the banning of the little sister program but the process by which that decision was made without our consent.”

The resolution passed by the IFC stated “We, the IFC, do not disagree with the disbanding of little sisters. However, we are concerned with having the NIU administration make decisions that the IFC is capable of making on its own. We look forward to working with the administration on addressing the due process involved in decisions such as these in the future.”

The IFC also discussed the organization of the upcoming “Greek Unity 1989” week, scheduled for Feb. 19-24. The theme for this year’s greek week is “Greek life … It’s all in the family.”

Rob Perry, IFC greek week chairman, said, “With this year’s greek week, we want to show the university that we are not here just to party, but rather to help others by reaching the goals we set as students in our community and soceity.”

Valentine said though he does not disagree with the decision which Jon Dalton, vice president for student affairs, has implemented, the process by wich the decision was made bothered him.

“I don’t think that the vice president for student affairs should be making decisions for all student organizations,” he said. “Saying that we don’t have any choice over what administration decides concerning the greek system makes the IFC seem like a ‘lame duck’ organization.”