Hearing was unfair

To all that have supported Martha Palmer:

It is important that you know my hearing was biased, manipulated, and totally controlled by four lawyers (George Shur, Norden Gilbert, Frank Nowik and chaired by attorney Leonard Mandell) all against my wishes. The hearing was so poorly conducted my faculty adviser resigned from the process due to the treatment we received from the board.

The board adjourned without my consent and made a recommendation to the president which was neutral. Therefore, the president made the decision to uphold Mitchell’s decision. (I have since discovered that it is a great possibility that Leroy Mitchell had administrative and legal push from Lowden Hall).

Ample time was not given to me to prepare the case for the hearing, and after all was said and done, I have appealed to the Board of Regents. As I have always said in the past, “I Let Go And Let GOD.” There will be a VICTORY for me and those that have conspired against me will soon PAY. (THIS MEANS GANGES AND THURMAN, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND THE OMBUDSMAN’S OFFICE, KENDALL BAKER, JOHN LATOURETTE AND ON UP.) IN THE STRUGGLE FOR WOMEN, MINORITIES, WORLDLY PEACE, FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL HUMANITY. COLLEGE IS FOR STUDENTS OF ALL CLASS.

P.S. The Legal Fund is MOVING Along Well. See Students for the Freedom of Martha Palmer on campus.

Martha H. Palmer