DeKalb’s landfill needs you

When trash begins to pile up in apartments, houses and dorm rooms, most people at least have a place to take it. Not so for DeKalb County. It seems the county landfill is getting full.

Next month, county board members will be asked to review an application to extend the life of the landfill another 15 year. This would be accomplished by expanding the existing site by as much as 35 acres. As it stands now, however, the landfill will be filled to capacity in less than a year unless it is expanded or recyclable waste is diverted from it.

The county will have to make a decision on the extension by May 3, but regardless of what the board decides, DeKalb’s residents can pitch in and extend the life of the landfill simply by saving recyclable trash.

DeKalb County is not the only place to run into too much garbage with no place to put it. It promises to be the problem of the 21st Century. The problem is that landfills are filling up with paper, bottles and aluminum cans which could be used again.

A few minutes separating trash items each day can mean several extra years for a landfill. And that means more land for homes, trees and farms, rather than garbage.

The Student Association’s recycling center has been quite successful. For information contact the SA. Dimco Recycling Center, 900 Oak St., also accepts recyclables and pays by the pound.

This is the year to start recycling while there’s still a place to take the trash.