Voting districts reviewed

By Holly Schubert

The Student Association Supreme Court will hold a hearing Thursday regarding a petition that challenges the constitutionality of the current SA senate voting districts.

The petition, filed by SA senate candidate Andy Shankman, states that the redistricting plan passed in 1986 is unconstitutional because it “denies representation within the SA senate of numerous classes of student of which I am one and systematically insures overrepresentation within the SA senate of students from the same geographical area, social affiliation and pursuit of study within the university.”

SA Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Eichner said she “can’t say whether it (the hearing) will have bearing” on this week’s senate election results. SA senate elections are being held today and Thursday.

A hearing on Shankman’s petition was originally scheduled for Monday, but Bliss was granted a three-day extension to allow time to research precedent cases.

The hearing on Shankman’s petition will be held Thursday at 8 p.m. in the SA conference room in the Holmes Student Center.

In other matters, the Supreme Court met Monday afternoon to address a petition filed by SA President Paula Radtke and Senator Speaker Joe Annunzio that involved the removal of SA recognition from the Sigma Chi fraternity.

The court found neither Radtke nor Annunzio had the standing to bring the case in front of the SA because neither of them were affected by the sanctions.