Deadline approaches for petitions of SA hopefuls

By Holly Schubert

Students interested in running for one of seven Student Association senator vacancies have until 4:30 p.m. today to submit their completed petitions.

Fourteen petitions for five off-campus seats and eight petitions for two on-campus seats had been picked up from the S.A. office as of Wednesday afternoon. Election Commissioner Robert Perry said there is a possibility additional students could take petitions out before today’s deadline.

In order to get their names on next week’s ballot, potential candidates must submit petitions with at least 200 valid signatures from students living in their district. Perry and a committee will verify signatures on the petitions.

S.A. Vice-President Gregg Bliss said since the petition process and election date has been sped up slightly, it could encourage the more serious candidates to file petitions. “Hopefully, this will weed out the chaff and we can get more dedicated candidates,” he said.

Perry and Bliss will hold a mandatory informational meeting for all candidates Monday. Topics covered will include election regulations and senatorial duties. Candidates also will be able to ask any questions they may have about the position.

S.A. vacancies were created due to resignations last semester by Senators Michele Gerritson, Bill Kraemer, Lori Doherty, Jim Valentine, Rob Martin, Dave Reynolds, and John Fiszer. Bliss said the number of resignations is about average.

An eighth resignation, that of Senator Regina Hudson, is awaiting approval by the S.A. After this formality, a student will be appointed to fill her position. Bliss said he anticipates the resignation will be approved at the first S.A. meeting on January 29.

Senate Speaker Joe Annunzio said Hudson’s position should have been on next week’s ballot. “We knew Regina was leaving, now we have to appoint someone,” he said. Annunzio said the S.A. will advertise the vacancy, and a student will be appointed by Annunzio, S.A. President Paula Radtke and the minority relations adviser subject to approval by two-thirds majority of the senate.

A referendum regarding a campus-wide security phone system also will be voted on during next week’s election. If passed, a one-time fee could appear on the fall 1989 tuition bill to finance the project.

Students with an NIU identification card can vote in the election Tuesday and Wednesday at DuSable Hall, Founders Memorial Library, Cole Hall or the Pow Wow room. Unlike previous elections, students will not be required to show a schedule in addition to their I.D. to vote.