Redistricting unconstitutional

By Holly Schubert

In what some members of the Student Accosiation are calling a landmark decision, the SA Sumpreme Court found the 1986 senate voting redistricting plan unconstitutional Thursday night.

The decision, a response to a petition by Andrew Shankman, states that the districting plan is null and void, the currently sitting Senate is hereby disbanded, the SA vice-president cannot hold any further senate meetings with the disbanded senate, and orders the vice-president to hold elections following the districting plan in effect prior to the 1986 decision.

“It is one of the landmark decision of the 20 years of the SA,” SA President Paula Radtke said. “I believe the leadership in the executive branch can carry the organization through this.”

“I’m very happy,” Shankman said. “I think the Sumpreme Court acting in our favor shows we have a right.” Shankman, who lost his bid for a senate seat this week in what is now an invalid election, said he is not sure he will run again, but will think about it.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Interfraternity Council President Jim Valentine said. “Trying to supress greeks, or any other group will cause those affiliations to rise above the rest.”

“They (the Sumpreme Court) have hurt every student at NIU,” Sumpreme Court Justice Tom Zur said. Zur was not allowed to participate in the hearing because of his greek affiliation.

Senate Speaker Joe Annunzio said he recommends that the veteran and newly elected senators attend the regulary scheduled Sunday SA meeting despite the decision.