Better definition

It was unfair of Marianne Renner to base her Nov. 22 column on a program at Western and imply it is the same at NIU without ever talking to a little sister here. We have a more informed definition of NIU’s Little Sister programs.

Our pledges are not forced to do anything. Activation at the end of the semester is based on a point system. Points are received throughout the semester for such things as making a pledge book and obtaining signatures from men in the house and other little sisters. A pledge needs to only ask for a signature; she is not forced to do anything to receive it. Points are also awared for activities during Spirit Week, signing in at the Pow-Wow, and attending weekly meetings.

There are many positive reasons to join a little sister program. These include meeting new people, being introduced to the Greek system, making close female and male friends and being involved in social activities. Many little sisters do eventually go through sorority rush and pledge a house. The little sister programs help many people decide if greek life is something they want to be involved in or not. This saves both time and money.

One reason for joining is activities, as cited above. Pinning ceremony, (greek) Parent’s mixer, Spirit Week, theme mixers and walk-out are some of these activities. Also, fraternities occasionly partner-up with their little sisters for Anchor Splash and Homecoming because there are more fraternities than sororities.

Marianne stated in her column that “The number of little sisters on this campus is rapidly declining” and that “the programs on this campus are slowly becoming extinct.” Where does she get her facts from, Western? At our little sister rush, over 200 people attended, but we could only accept 50. In addition, there are at least five little sister programs on this campus. They don’t seem as if they’re becoming “extinct” to us! The program we are involved in is very strong and has a positive future.

Being a little sister may not be for everyone, then again, that can be said about any activity. We realize editorial columns are personal opinions, but we feel Marianne was not informed enough on the programs at NIU. We could be wrong, but last time we checked this paper was called The Northern Star not the Western Star.

Heidi Gunther


Denise Wszolek