NIU, Fetzer agree on $400 settlement over parking fines

A lawsuit between NIU and a university employee who did not pay $530 in parking fines was settled Monday at a pre-trial hearing.

Court records indicate that both parties, the university and laundry facilities repairman Wayne Fetzer, agreed to a $400 settlement. According to records, if Fetzer pays the settlement within 16 months in payments of $25 per month, no interest will be assessed to the amount.

The $25 monthly payments will be deducted from Fetzer’s paycheck for as long as he is employed by NIU or until the $400 is paid in full, records state.

The university’s lawsuit against Fetzer stemmed from the repairman’s failure to register his vehicle from October 1987 to May 1988. During this time period, Fetzer parked his unregistered vehicle in a blue-permit lot near NIU’s physical plant. However, he did not purchase the parking permit required for the lot.

Fetzer subsequently was issued 53 violations for lack of proper vehicle registration, which he failed to pay.

Regarding a counterclaim filed by Fetzer against NIU, Circuit Court Judge Richard Larson ruled in favor of the university. Fetzer had claimed that NIU’s charges were without merit and that the university wrongfully withheld money from his paycheck, records state.