Lee attempts withdrawal from DeKalb County race

By Tammy Sholer

A third-party candidate running for State Representative of the 76th District and DeKalb County Board District Three withdrew his candidacy too late to remove himself from the latter office.

In a letter Illinois Solidarity candidate Robert Lee sent to DeKalb County Clerk’s office Oct. 30, Lee stated, “I am removing myself as candidate for DeKalb County Board District Three in the Nov. 8 general election.”

However, DeKalb County Clerk Terry Desmond said Lee gave his notice too late to withdraw his candidacy. Chapter 46 of the Election Code stated a candidate must resign 14 days prior to the election on Nov. 8.

He said the State’s Attorny’s office directed Desmond to retain Lee’s name on the ballot.

State’s Attorney Phil DiMarzio said his office advised that “there should be no changes on the ballot.” Keeping Lee’s name on the ballot was an application of existing law, he said. “Mr. Lee acted too late.”

Desmond said the ballots have been printed with Lee’s name on them and voters will have a chance to cast their ballot for him.

Besides not submitting his resignation on time, the letter was insuffient for Lee to withdraw, Desmond said. On two occasions Desmond said he was unsuccessful in reaching Lee to explain the situation.

Lee was not able to be reached for comment Wednesday but explained in his letter to Desmond his reasons for withdrawing.

The letter stated that Lee is confident that he will win the state representative race and the two offices would conflict in its scheduled meetings, the letter stated.

All county board meeting’s should be attended, the letter stated. If Lee is not elected his job would interfer with the meeting times as well, it stated.

Lee’s interests focus mainly on a state level and he would like to concentrate on his campaign for that race, the letter stated.

If Lee won the county board race against Republican Robert Morrison and Democrat John Wittrup, Lee would have to resign his trustee position on the DeKalb County Regional Board of School Trustees, it stated.