Grant Towers resident charged with battery

By Holly Schubert

A resident of Grant Towers North was arrested by University Police Tuesday and charged with simple battery after his resident assistant reported being pushed and struck in the head.

A UP report said Ronaldo Ortiz, 20, 475 Grant Towers North, beat on his RA’s door, and when the RA answered, Ortiz pushed him several times.

The victim, who suffered bruises and a small cut, told the UPs he tried to reason with Ortiz without success, according to reports.

UP reports said Ortiz posted $100 bond and was released.

James Brunson, area coordinator for the Grant Towers area, said Ortiz is not living on the floor at the moment, but he could not comment furthur because the case is being handled by the Judicial Office and because it has to be sent through due process.

“It was an unfortunate event that it (the battery) had to occur. But when they do happen, they have to be resolved through the appropriate channels,” the victim said. He did not want to comment on what prompted the incident because it is still in due process.

Battery, committing bodily harm or touching someone in an offensive way without legal justification, is a Class A misdemeanor, Students’ Legal Assistance Director Don Henderson said. He said it carries a possible punishment of a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Battery is a violation of the NIU Student Judicial Code which entitles the University community to freedom from suffering deliberate hurt, injury or loss.