Students start monthly paper

By Jill Stocker

The Public Address System, a progressive alternative newspaper run by NIU students, will be distributed for the first time this academic year after Thanksgiving break.

The newspaper, which was published only once last year under the name Mush!, is liberal in focus. The paper’s organizers said they cover features and investigative stories not found in The Northern Star.

“We tackle more event-oriented stories than The Star,” said Lynn Stickler, one of the paper’s organizers.

Stickler is one of four core members on the paper’s staff. The paper also accepts story contributions from other people.

Stickler said the November/December issue of the paper will cover some news stories, a few feature stories and album reviews. She said writers also might review the bands that appeared at their first fundraiser.

The Misled, a soft progressive rock band from St. Charles, and The Flesh Merchant, a local hard core punk band, helped raise more than $300 for The Public Address System at a fundraiser concert last Friday. The concert was held in the basement of the Wesley Foundation, 633 W. Locust St.

“The concert went over very well, and we made enough money to put out our first issue,” Stickler said.

Besides raising money through fundraisers, Stickler said the paper’s organizers have sold a few advertisements. They hope to sell more ads for future issues and eventually hope to publish the paper biweekly. For now, they will publish once a month.