‘Two-faced logic’

After reading the Star editorial on Wednesday, Oct. 12, I had to look at the editorial masthead to see if the editorial board had changed overnight.

The editorial stated that Huskie bus riders should pay their own fares, and students who don’t need or want to use the bus won’t have to pay for it. What surprised me was that just the day before, the Star had urged students to go out and vote yes for a $10.47 fee to support WKDI’s bid for FM status. Putting WKDI on the air is a good idea, but the Star editorial board put their collective foot in their mouth on the issue of Huskie Bus funding, especially in light of their stance on the WKDI issue.

Tuesday,Star: “WKDI is different because it is run entirely by students and is aimed exclusively at students…A one time $10.47 fee for each student will be added to spring tuition to pay for the equipment…Putting the station on the air makes sense.”

Wednesday, Star: “…the fairest way to deal with the need for additional funding is not to ask for students to support yet another fee increase…Only those students interested in riding Huskie buses (should) be responsible for funding the system.”

If this isn’t two-faced logic, I don’t know what is.

Another statement in Wednesday’s bus editorial: “Students choosing to walk or those commuting would have no use for the system and therefore should not be asked to fund buses they would not ride.” I’d like to rewrite that sentence. Students choosing Bach or those without radios would have no use for WKDI and therefore should not be asked to fund a station they would not listen to.

I challenge the Star to hold a referendum immediately to determine the level of student support for the Huskie bus system. Make sure the weather is nice and cold. Better yet, give them a choice of either the buses or the radio station, not both. I know which one will win.

Phil Kessler

NIU Alumnus

Chair, SAMTB 1987-88