Council OKs motion for transfers

By Stephanie Bradley

Members of the NIU Undergraduate Coordinating Council at their meeting Thursday approved a motion to allow transfer students to use MATH 120 as a core competency class.

UCC Chairman Lou Jean Moyer said MATH 120 no longer satisfies a general education requirement since it has been replaced by MATH 101.

Moyer said community college students who have taken MATH 120 but have not received their associate’s degree cannot enter NIU because they do not meet requirements.

The motion was approved to allow affected students to use the class as a core competency class for admissions purposes only. The affected students still would be required to take MATH 101 once they have enrolled in NIU.

In other business, nominating committee chairmen and taking care of organizational duties were the main objects of Thursday’s meeting, which was the first for the council.

Moyer said the council replaced the Council on Instruction when the bylaws in the NIU Constitution became outdated. She said some aspects of the bylaws were not working and needed to be updated. The constitution and bylaws were revised last year by the University Council.

Moyer said the new council will take some pressure off the University Council. She said the updated bylaws will allow the UCC to approve policy.

The UCC appointed curriculum and instruction professor Nancy Vedral to be the council’s faculty chairman. Moyer’s secretary, Donna Dunn, said Vedral will conduct council meetings if Moyer cannot attend.

Organizational work was taken care of when a voting quorum of nine people was approved. The chairmen of all standing committees also were selected.