Morley guilty of harassment

By Holly Schubert

Robert Morley, the man accused of harassing NIU Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles by telephone last spring, was found guilty and was sentenced Tuesday to the maximum penalty of six months conditional discharge and 40 hours of community service.

Morley, standing before the judge’s bench with a crossword puzzle behind his legal pad, listened as DeKalb County Associate Circuit Judge Douglas Engel told the court the basis of his decision.

Engel said he felt the state proved Morley’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Engel said Judicial Office Secretary Sharon Scott’s testimony, Morley’s subsequent phone calls to Bolles, and the fact that Morley did not follow up on reporting Bolles’ alleged threats to him were important factors in his decision.

Engel told Morley he felt there was no reason for him to remain on the phone after the conversation became heated. He said Bolles had a legitimate reason to continue the conversation because he was trying to have the call traced.

Morley, 50, 925 Susan Court, was charged with the Class B misdemeanor, after telephoning Bolles at his NIU Judicial office last April 1.

Defense Attorney Richard Turner said that although he disagrees with the judge’s ruling, he and Morley will stand by it.

“When a university or a government gives a minority special privilege and protection, it’s difficult for the rest of us to get a fair shake,” Morley said after the sentencing. “I complained about this and you see the result.

“Larry Bolles will have to live with the knowledge of the horrible threats he made. I refuse to, so I must forgive him,” Morley said.

First Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Coghlan said he was pleased with the outcome.

“I think the judge did a good job in deciding the case. It was good of the judge to enumerate reasons for finding him guilty,” Coghlan said.

Turner said he and Morley have not had a chance to discuss any further action. Morley has the right to appeal within 30 days.