Complainants encouraged to talk to noisy neighbors

By Tammy Sholer

Students are back and loud parties have begun, some of which have drawn neighbors’ complaints about noise.

Larry Bolles, director of NIU’s Judicial Office, said several people have complained about noisy neighbors. He said NIU professors that live near campus and off-campus residents have complained about loud parties.

Instead of taking any serious action, the judicial officers have been asking complainants to talk to their neighbors about the situation. Bolles said, “We have a honeymoon period.” He said talking to a neighbor and asking him to be considerate is a first step idea the judicial office is trying to instill in people before any action against a noisy neighbor is taken.

“Not as much (of the noise) comes from the residence halls as it comes from off-campus,” Bolles said.

Several off-campus residents have reported their loud neighbors to the DeKalb Police Department, Bolles said.

DeKalb Police Lt. Charles Beierlotzer said, “There are always complaints about noise.” He said numerous complaints have been made, which “started the week of Cornfest (Aug. 26-28).”

Calls about noisy parties have been reported, but the past few weekends NIU has been in session have been “unusual,” Beierlotzer said.

The first weekend was Cornfest, where a lot of activity occurred throughout the entire city, Beirerlotzer said. The next weekend was a holiday, Labor Day weekend, when the majority of the students went home, he said.

Beirerlotzer said he cannot judge whether an increase in complaints has occurred compared to last year because students have been back for only two weekends.

University Police Lt. Ron Williams said he cannot recall any problems on campus regarding complaints about noise.