DeKalb City Council votes against motion

The DeKalb City Council voted at its July 25 meeting against a motion by 7th Ward Alderman Mark J. Powell to initiate an annual Robert F. Kennedy birthday celebration.

Powell said he asked Christopher Kennedy, son of the late U.S. senator, whether he would be interested in presenting “the first RFK award on behalf of his slain father.”

Kennedy indicated he has not made any commitments at this time, and told the The Northern Star Tuesday, “We have talked (on the telephone) and things sound terrific, but there’s a lot to work out.”

DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow said, “(Voting down the motion was) not a vote against Robert Kennedy. He (Powell) is trying to make it into a political football.”

“We’ve got an award in place,” Sparrow said. “As usual, Powell is a day late and a dollar short.”

Powell said he contacted NIU President John LaTourette about the idea.