UPs warn students of book thefts

By Daron Walker

University Police are warning students of increased book thefts on campus after two book bags were stolen Thursday.

Officer Al Eklund said police see an increased number of book thefts during this time of the year because students can return their books to local bookstores for cash.

Eklund said book thefts are “frequent” and UPs are working with other NIU departments to limit the number of thefts.

“We’re trying to caution people to be extra careful during this time of the year. Backpacks and other study materials should not be left unattended,” Eklund said. “Keep an eye on your belongings,” he said.

Eklund said theft is a crime that can affect everyone. “This (book theft) could be the difference between grades. It also could be a very traumatic experience,” he said.

The library, bookstore and residence halls are areas where a large number of thefts occur during this time of the year. “These areas are often hard to watch,” Eklund said.

e also said students should continue to lock their rooms when leaving campus because most thefts at NIU occur just before Christmas break.

e said students often are less security-conscious during the times they are moving in and out of their rooms.

Eklund suggested students make an inventory list of the belongings they are going to leave at NIU during the break complete with a description and serial number.