Panhellenic Council postpones elections

By Christine Boike

The Panhellenic Council Tuesday elected a new external public relations chairwoman but had to postpone other executive officer elections.

Debbie Mitchel was elected to the public relations post.

Most offices were not up for election Tuesday since several Panhellenic representatives for the sororities complained about not meeting candidates or being made aware of their ideas.

Both offices of president and vice president only have one candidate vying for each position.

Presidential candidate Lynne Alig said candidates in other categories said “they want to go to the houses” but the visiting time was at dinner and it conflicted with their classes.

Dawn McCarthy is running for vice president for the year-long term, which was to begin in November.

Alig said one reason for the lack of candidates is a person must have been a member of the council for at least one year before running.

Alig said several of the girls are graduating in May and cannot run since the term ends next November.

Greek Affairs Adviser Jeff Cufaude said another reason there is only one person running for president is because Alig has been on the council for two years and no one has challenged her abilities.

Alig said she has a lot of new ideas and wants to work more closely with the InterFraternity Council to improve communication. She also wants “the (council) representatives to do a lot more than (just) come to the meetings.”

She said she wants to work more with the IFC and promote greek life as a whole. “I am organized and have the time to put into it. I (also) have a lot of new ideas.

“I always wanted to be more involved in Panhel (because it is the) highest board of sororities. I’m really excited.”

Other positions and candidates include:

ush Chairwoman: Lydia Gerzel and Judy Karner.

Assistant Rush Chairwoman: Kathleen Peterson, Laura Pinchot and Tracey Schriber.

Treasurer: Phyllis Devitt and Marie Keeley.

Secretary: Janice Dillon and Laura O’Mally.

Activities Chairwoman: Jenene Evans and Michelle Martino.

Winners of the remaining positions on the executive board of council will be announced at the next meeting on Nov. 17.