Remaining aware

This is in response to Brian Silverstein’s letter on Oct. 27.

Mr. Silverstein, you mention that Hitler began his rise to power and no one took him seriously. Well, Mein Kampf was readily available at the time, anyone could have read it and realized what Hitler was planning to do. They just chose not to.

I view the paper Thunderbolt the same way. If we censor this newspaper, how are those of us who are against such groups as the one that publishes this paper going to keep abreast of their current ideas? If we blind ourselves to their speeches and publications, we may end up being taken by surprise, just like Germany, Poland and all of the other countries and peoples Hitler conquered.

I, for one, was shocked at the stupidity expressed in Thunderbolt. I knew people thought these things, but I didn’t know they were organized enough to publish it on such a grand scale. As far as the library receiving Thunderbolt, don’t look at it as though they are supporting the paper. See it as a way to arm yourself against hatred and prejudice.

Melissa Martin


library studies