Willing to debate

In response to College Republican President Gary Yambor, I must voice amazement at his charges. Let’s analyze them:

. Liberals won’t debate the CRs. Gary where have you been for the last year? Consistently since the Republicans brought contra Jorge Rosales to NIU in October 1986, the JLS has repeatedly challenged debate. You even blew off Dr. Parker of the Debate Team last year. He was trying to arrange a debate. Did you forget (that) Todd Kuzma of JLS came to your Sept. 30 meeting for this very reason or was he just a potted plant?

2. The CRs weren’t invited to Unity through Diversity Week. Most people readily volunteered without being asked. Could your motive be that all you give a damn about is covering up your reactionary image?

3. Flyers (are) being torn down. You’ve ignored the fact that many organizations have this problem. JLS flyers are regularly defaced and torn down with little made of it. Join the club.

The JLS welcomes the belated challenge to debate. Let’s let the NIU students and faculty decide about issues. You folks have the next shot.

Tom Rogers


JLS member