Gogola gets court supervision

Peter J. Gogola, 23, a legally blind NIU student charged with possession of a firearm without a firearm owner’s identification card, was found guilty and given one year of court supervision by Judge Rex Meilinger.

The misdemeanor charge stemmed from a July 22, 1986 incident in which 30-year-old Robert Lurz of Genoa was fatally shot while trying to enter an apartment rented by Gerardo Diaz, also a legally blind student.

Gogola and Diaz were charged with voluntary manslaughter after the incident.

Diaz was found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter on Sept. 21, and the charge of voluntary manslaughter against Gogola was dropped on Sept. 30.

First Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Coghlan said, “This defendant (Gogola) is not the typical NIU student. He owned (the rifle) for a month and possessed five magazines.”

owever, Edward Diedrich, Gogola’s attorney, said Gogola did not have in his possession a weapon on July 22, 1987.