Martial law plan

The White House habitually claims it “stops communism” when it invades another small nation, and, in exchange, a plan for imposing fascism in our nation may have evolved.

Congressman Jack Brooks, D-Texas, asked at the Contragate hearing, but was silenced by Senator Inoyue, D-Hawaii, about North’s involvement in the NSC/CIA plan for declaring martial law in our nation, no less.

At the Contragate hearing, Inoyue carefully disclaimed any communistic bias, but we are in more jeopardy from fascism, if the NSC’s agency of North has a plan ready to impose martial law on our own nation in the process of stopping “communism.” It would display a fascist disposition by our administration and readiness to impose fascism on our people.

Why was Brooks’ question so summarily quieted, when fascism is totalitarian, wherein there are no Bill or Rights or constitutional guarantees of freedom: like right to privacy; freedom of speech, assembly, religion—equality to all, not a few?

Do such intelligence agencies like the CIA or NSC, under White House jurisdiction, unjustifiably adjudge every democratic nation like Angola as communists, when such a nation only wants control of its own economy? And in falsely calling nations communist, what was the secret plan that ensured to declare martial law of fascism here in our USA?

The NSC or CIA plan bespeaks unleashing martial law of fascism on us, too. It is the same type that foists fascism on other nations such as we support militarily in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and aim to do with contra terrorists invading Nicaragua.

Urge Congress to investigate Senator Brooks’ concern about the NSC martial law plan. End the secret government of the CIA, NSC.

Bernice Russell

Crystal Lake