City, NIU join to produce brochure

By Peggy Keslin

Mayor Greg Sparrow announced early this week the completion of a quality of life brochure designed to promote the DeKalb area.

The city plans to use the “Distinctive DeKalb” brochure to send out community and economic development information to all interested parties.

oger Hopkins, City of DeKalb Community Development Director, said the brochure would be useful in other areas as well.

“The brochure will be given to various organizations throughout the city such as banks, real estate agencies and insurance companies,” Hopkins said.

“They in turn will distribute the brochure to people who are interested in becoming a part of the DeKalb community,” he said.

The brochure gives a detailed discription of the city including its location, heritage, businesses and neighborhoods.

It also includes information about community services, recreation and entertainment that can be found in the area.

Production of the brochure was a joint effort between the city and NIU.

Sparrow said, “The brochure represents another example of City-NIU cooperative efforts in economic development.”

opkins said similar pamphlets have been used in the past, but none have been as attractive or informative as the Distinctive DeKalb brochure.

opkins said, “Businesses such as the DeKalb Clinic have used brochures like this to recruit staff people to work in our area; this brochure will have similiar uses.”

The brochure was designed by Carlos Grenados, of the NIU Publications office, and Michael Stees.

Sparrow presented the first copy of the brochure to NIU President John LaTourette and Don Urech, DeKalb Economic Development Commission chairman, at a Monday press conference.

opkins said his office will use the brochure as a cover piece for its showcase on DeKalb.

Copies of Distinctive DeKalb are available from the City’s Community Development Department.