Is this Jim Fabris?

I remember Jim Fabris. I never knew him personally, but I admired him. While I was publicly silent about my political views, he was out protesting, forming organizations and trying to bring about change in a world full of injustice.

But I read a letter to the editor on Tuesday (9-29) signed by a Jim Fabris that made me wonder exactly what was going on. Who is this guy claiming to be Jim Fabris? The Jim Fabris I knew wouldn’t have been so fussy about who got credit for what. The real Jim Fabris would have been very satisfied within himself that his goal had been achieved (in this case ousting Wingfield). He wouldn’t have cared what some bourgeois newspaper editor thought of his contributions.

The old Jim wouldn’t need publicity; his actions spoke for themselves. This new Jim even broke out his scrapbook as evidence of what great things he had done. The good old Jim wouldn’t have had the gall to keep his old news clippings. You know, it’s almost as if this new Jim wants to be judged by words and not by deeds.

This can’t be the Jim Fabris we know. I don’t know about you, but I liked the old Jim better.

Jeff Lomax