Legal fraternity to sponsor breathalizer demonstration

By Alan Marcus

As part of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, the Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity will sponsor a breathalizer test demonstration at 6:30 p.m. today in Swen Parson Rm. 170.

Delta Theta Phi co-dean K. Patrick Yarbrough, said “two fraternity members will consume alcohol of various types over a two-hour period and then be subjected to standard field sobriety tests.

“DeKalb Police Officer Bill Fiether will ask the participants to walk a straight line, touch their noses, move their eyes and prove they can maintain their balance. Following these tests Fiether will explain how the breathalizer machine works and then demonstrate its use on each of the participants.” He also said Fiether will take questions from the audience after the demonstration.

Second year law student Phillip Horn, who will serve as one of the test subjects, said, “This demonstration will show how various amounts of alcohol affect different people. A lot of people think because they are physically big they will be able to consume more alcohol without getting drunk. However, this is not necessarily the case,” Horn said.

Yarbrough said, “It’s very important for students to attend because it will give them an oppurtunity to see how a breathalizer test works and how an operator performs his duties.

“There’s a difference between drinking six wine coolers and six beers in terms of alcoholic content. This is important to understand …since it is the alcoholic content of a beverage which determines the extent to which a person becomes impaired.”