Student leaders encourage action

The crisis is obvious.

The state of Illinois has decided a constitutional goal to provide for citizens’ educational development to the limit of their abilities is unimportant. Gov. Thompson and the legislature have cut higher education’s budget by $53 million and NIU’s budget by $9 million. Although higher education received only 12.41 percent of the state’s appropriations, it absorbed 20.18 percent of Thompson’s reductions. These cuts have had the following negative impacts:

Tuition has increased $150 for spring—a 31 percent increase over last spring and a 262 percent increase over the last 12 years.

Faculty salaries will be kept to 86 percent of what they were in 1971—in constant dollars.

It will be impossible for NIU to purchase equipment needed for even the normal growth of the university.

Essential repairs are being put off, placing an undue burden on students. The roof in Gabel Hall still leaks, so the physical education department still can’t hold classes there. This has forced them to hold classes in the Rec Center which was not intended for academic use and is funded primarily by students.

Students cannot obtain complete class schedules and are being forced to put off graduation for at least one semester.

This destruction of higher education can be stopped if you want it to be. Students do not have to tolerate this mess. It is vitally important you take action—in the form of letters, phone calls or personal visits to your legislators or by informing your family and friends and inciting them to take action. Students can also take direct action by participating in the Day of Action on Oct. 21.

The crisis is obvious. The state is ignoring its responsibility to its citizens. This crisis will be even greater if students also ignore it. Do not be misled. You can affect a positive change—it may not be this fall, but it can definitely happen this spring.

We, the leaders of our organizations, call upon NIU’s students to write a letter or make a phone call. Scream your head off! We must take action!

For further information, please call one of us or the Student Association at 753-0482.

Jim Fischer

SA President

Tom Rainey


Chris Hoagland

st Ward Alderman

Mary Beth Hatcher

Panhellenic Pres.

Gerardo Velazquez

MEChA President

Jim Fabris

John Lennon Society

Willie Fowler

es. Hall Assoc.

Kumar Maehadi

Itnl. Stud. Club Pres.

Thomas A. Zur

IFC President

Dave Hochburg

Pi Kappa Alpha Pres.