Unfair portrayal

Mike Lacy’s use of Rhonda Silverstein (Thurs., 9/17) as an example of a “pathetic” and “deplorable” person, who does not take advantage of the opportunities afforded to us as Americans, was very inappropriate. I know Ms. Silverstein is very active both on and off campus, taking part in several different organizations. If anything, she would be an example of one who has realized the opportunities available to us in this country and has made great use of them.

Simply because Ms. Silverstein thought the teacher’s forum unfair—confronting an unprepared class with a debate on an issue which the instructor had obviously thoroughly researched—is no reason to assume that she has condemned any system whatsoever.

I would hope that your use of Ms. Silverstein as an example was not based solely on the fact that her work was to be found in the JLS newsletter.

It seems that they (the JLS) have become the scapegoat for all activities of a liberal nature one considers too far to the left. To be sure, I feel some of their opinions are indeed radical, yet their role of creating awareness for several issues on campus is to be applauded.

G. Joseph Socki

graduate student

art history