The Star is ‘grateful’ to the JLS for all its ‘help’

As president and founding member of the Frank Sinatra Society—that’s FSS, for short—I have, in the past, been quite critical of the better-known John Lennon Society.

Ask any JLS member who has read some of my past columns and they’ll probably tell you I’m a neo-Nazi. I’m not a neo-Nazi.

But after today, the JLS might have a new perspective on me because of efforts I have put forth under the guise of the FSS.

I have to start by complementing the JLS on something I had no idea they were a part of. I found out by reading their newsletter that it was they, in part, who were responsible for uncovering the overspending on the renovation of Clyde Wingfield’s house a few years back.

For the longest time, I thought it was disclosed through the work of former Northern Star reporters like Dan Weir and Phil Luciano.

I thought they filed for financial records through the Freedom of Information Act and wrote the stories that exposed Wingfield for what he was.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that the JLS was right there with the Star, fighting Wingy’s wrongdoings and finally getting him out of office.

By god, I bet they can even take the credit for seeing to it that Star Adviser Jerry Thompson retained his job after Wingy tried to oust him.

And for that, everyone in Starland is grateful.

I sure am. That’s why I’m extending this personal thanks to the JLS. Thank you, guys. Ya big lugs.

Now, back to the FSS.

I want everyone to know about the things the FSS has accomplished over the years. I want to start spreading the news, so to speak.

I bet none of you knew it was an FSS member who uncovered the entire Iran-contra scandal. But it’s true.

The FSS, which has close ties to the Reagan administration, knew something was up long before the American public got its first earful.

In fact, I personally sent an FSS member to Washington to talk with Col. Ollie North and convince him it was his duty as an American to testify and admit the “wrongdoings” of the President and his associates.

I think it was this personal contact with North that got to him. He began testimony soon after.

Another achievement we at the FSS are proud of is uncovering the whole Gary Hart/Donna Rice incident. Without our assistance, that silly little Miami newspaper would never have been able to expose Hart for the ne’er-do-well he was. By god, if it wasn’t for the FSS, we could’ve had a playboy for president. (Too bad we weren’t around for the Kennedy administration.)

As it turned out, we were able to talk Gary into admitting his mistakes and dropping out of the presidential race. All of America should be deeply appreciative. And I bet they are.

Finally, the FSS was there when a Charlotte, N.C., paper was working to uncover the fraud of Jim and Tammy Bakker. We told the reporters where they could get the dirt on the evangelist couple, and we even helped write the headlines for the initial stories on old Jim and Tam. There was even one night some of us were awake until 3 a.m. putting a Jim and Tammy photo collage together for the next day’s paper.

Boy, were we tired.

Still, none of this compares to what the JLS has done for NIU. They got rid of Clyde Wingfield. And the most noble aspect of that is that they didn’t even take credit for it until nearly a year and a half after the old boy was sitting quietly in the political science department.

They were kind enough to let the Star stand in the spotlight for all that time.

It almost brings a tear to your eye.

Doesn’t it?