Orientation guide receives ticket for crossing illegally

By Moin H. Khan

An orientation guide received a ticket from the University Police for jaywalking last week at the corner of Lucinda Avenue and Annie Glidden Road.

Public safety department officials refused to comment on any details of the incident. Capt. James L. Webster said it is against police department policy to give names of an offender if it is not a court case.

Public Safety Director James Elliot said jaywalking means impeding the flow of traffic and constitutes a misdemeanor. The Illinois Motor Vehicles Code said jay-walking is crossing at other than cross walks.

Assistant Orientation Director Denise Rode said an orientation guide has 80 hours of extensive training, which includes communications skills, information about the university and support services and traffic rules.

epresentatives from various departments participate in the training program. Rode did not know if a public safety representative attended the program.

ode said the selection of the orientation route generally is decided by the group leader.

ode, who was told about the incident by Jon Dalton, vice president for student affairs, said the person was not associated with the orientation program and could not give any more information.

Special Projects Director Leroy Mitchell said the person was an orientation guide but refused to give any specifics on the incident or person involved. He said the situation was discussed with the proper people and said he “feels comfortable with the situation.”

The officer and alleged offender could not be reached for comment.