New fraternity receives charter after short time

By Daron Walker

The Delta Sigma Phi (Delta Sigs) fraternity received its charter April 11 after 1 1/2 years of existence at NIU.

“For an organization to get a charter in that short a period of time is commendable,” said Patrick Naessens, activities director for Greek Affairs, “Typically it takes two years to get chartered.”

Naessens said good leadership and quality pledge classes were some of the factors which enabled the Delta Sigs to become chartered quickly and accepted into the greek system.

He said support of dry rush and willingness to participate in philanthropic activities enabled the Delta Sigs to become established within the greek community.

The Delta Sigs, which started out as a colony primarily composed of Douglas Hall residents, now claims over 80 members. A colony is a group of persons who wish to be part of a national organization.

“We started out as a colony 0ct. 17, 1985, with the national backing but no help,” said fraternity member Bryan Nyssen. “Officially now on the roster, we have 81 members. We had a really big pledge class (34) this semester.”

“We sent in our application about two months ago and we got word that we were accepted about a month ago,” Nyssen said.

Larry Picchiotti, co-founder of the NIU Delta Sigs, believes the fraternity will continue to work as a team to accomplish their goals. “We never want to let our goals get out of sight. We want to do the best we can,” he said.