SA actions deemed valid

Contrary to what former Student Association vice president Michele Begovich said Monday, action taken at Sunday’s SA meeting is not in question, said Cam Davis, SA Public Relations adviser.

Begovich said Monday the meeting could be considered illegitimate because there was not a quorum present to vote on decisions that were made. As a result, students can challenge any of the senators’ decisions, she had said.

owever, Davis said there was quorum until the last portion of the meeting, invalidating only that portion. He said that students can challenge decisions made during that time, one of which was approval of part of the Office of Campus Recreation’s budget.

Proving there was not a quorum would be hard because a count was not requested by a senator, Davis said. Only the senators can ask for a quorum count, not the executives or the staff because they are not in power, he said.

When the SA has a lot of budgets to finish, senators generally will not ask for a quorum count so that they can complete the budgets, Davis said.

To constitute a quorom, 24 of the 48 senators must be present, but during the last part of the meeting, only 21 senators were present.