SA shaves budgets to make up deficits

By Tammy Sholer

Because of the Student Association’s recent deficit situation, more than $67,000 was retracted from SA recognized organizations’ 1987-88 budgets Tuesday night.

The SA deficit came about because of its lenient policy toward approving budgets, according to SA Treasurer Lisa Schlepp. To rise above the more than $62,000 deficit mark, the SA Senate had to review organizations’ budgets and cut funds that already have been approved, Schlepp said.

Before the budgets were reduced, the senate had allocated about $712,500 to organizations, which was about $62,000 over budget, Schlepp said.

With the reductions completed, the SA now has allocated a total of about $648,700 from its $650,000 budget, Schlepp said. Remaining funds will go into the SA general reserve, she said.

The SA’s budget is comprised of $600,000 from student activities fees and about $50,000 carries over from fiscal year 1987 to fiscal year 1988, Schlepp said.

The entire Campus Activities Board’s budget was cut more than $31,000 to a total of about $230,000. CAB’s budget consists of 14 separate budgets, the first being administration which was reduced by $3,600.

About $2,300 from Coffeehouse, $5,200 from Concerts, $429 from Homecoming, $375 from Springfest, $830 from Mid-Level Films and $2,200 from Cine Club Films were cut from the CAB budget. In addition, about $6,400 was cut from Fine Arts, about $2,035 from Speakers, $2,700 from Special Events, about $750 from Travel and $3,000 from Visual Arts.

The Office of Campus Recreation’s budget was reduced by $19,000. The Students’ Legal Assistance lost about $6,000 for student helpers. Instead, a state work study program will pay for student helpers during the fall and spring semesters, Schlepp said.

The SA also reduced its own budget by about $2,000 from the special projects fund. In addition, the senate trimed $2,000 from Towers Magazine, about $1,100 from the Hockey Club, about $1,000 from the Volunteer Bureau and about $850 from Music Performance Activities.

The Black Student Union’s budget lost about $700, Campus Child Care’s budget lost $700 and Health Enhancement Service’s budget was cut by $675.

Without any discussion, the senators reversed their original decision to give more than $500 to the Organization of Latin American Students and more than $350 to Students for Rehabilitation and to the International Relations Club.

ARS NOVA’s budget was shaved by about $300 as were the budgets for the Residence Hall Association, WKDI-FM and ALPHA: Friends of Antiquity.

The Gay/Lesbian Union’s budget was reduced by $200. The Council for Exceptional Children’s budget lost $170, and about $100 was shaved from the budgets of the Chess Club, the History Club, the Alpine Skiing Club and Brothers.