Politics not involved

I am writing to express my extreme outrage at the way certain campus organizations used the anti-racism, anti-discrimination rally held on March 5 to further their own self-centered political views. Racism isn’t a political issue caused by politicians and the rally wasn’t a forum to lambast President Reagan. It is a problem that has its cause rooted in individuals and doesn’t stop at any political boundary. Racism stems from the ignorance of not knowing what other people are like and is exercised through stupidity in actions. The only way to dispel racism, especially from this campus, is through education of people about our nation’s diverse cultures, the same cultures that have made America great in the past. Education is the way to stamp out ignorance, and by doing so we will have stamped out racism. I, and many others at the rally, felt this wasn’t achieved as it could have been because the John Lennon Society, FREEZE and a few other organizations decided that passing out politically self-centered fliers and having posters reading “The Campus Crusade of Freaks—Peace” was a more immediate concern. I question the objectives of these organizations when they use their vast resources for such purposes instead of promoting cultural education. I, as President of the Northern Conservative Council, had refused to promote either my organization or the pro-life week we are planning for April. I think this behavior is highly unethical and I condemn all organizations who exploited the anti-racism rally to further their own political means.

Gary Stittgen

president, NIU conservative council