Committee over-budgets by $1,000

By Tammy Sholer

The Student Association Finance Committee over-budgeted by about $1,200 Tuesday when ratifying organizations’ summer budgets.

Organziations requested about $36,000 for summer funding, but the committee only had about $26,000 to allocate. SA Treasurer Lisa Schlepp said, “We (the committee) could get by by going $500 over.

“I would not want to allocate over $26,000, but it has been done in the past.” Last year’s committee over-budgeted by about $900 and they did not have a debt, she said.

This year’s summer enrollment increased from last summer, which will give the committee more funds to allocate, Schlepp said. Also, because organizations do not always spend their entire budgets the extra money will go back into the SA reserve fund, she said.

A majority of the discussion concerned WKDI-FM’s budget. WKDI was one of the first budgets to be considered, but it was tabled until the end of the meeting. Committee member Dave Agazzi said, “I do not want to see WKDI get zero-funded, but if we (the committee) continue with the budget, I will vote to zero-fund it.”

Committee member Julie Anne O’Connell said she wanted to zero-fund the entire budget except the Warner-Amex Cable System and the phone hook-ups. If the SA does not pay these two, Schlepp said, it would end up costing the SA more when the station begins to broadcast again in the fall.

“We (WKDI) have to keep going and keep contacts. We have to maintain,” said Margeret Semmer, WKDI business manager.

“We cannot just start up in the fall, you (the committee) might as well zero-fund WKDI forever,” said Kirk Moore, WKDI general manager.

Semmer said the station plans to put a referendum on next fall’s SA senate ballots to find out if students will pay a one-time fee so the station can broadcast on a regular FM frequency.

owever, the committee passed a ryder stating if the referendum does not pass, WKDI will be zero-funded for the 1988 summer. “If students vote it (the referendum) down, I have to believe students do not want it to come from student’s fees,” O’Connell said.

The station will receive about $6,000 from its requested budget of about $18,000. The majority of the funds, about $3,000, will pay for phone service. The remaining funds will go toward salaries for eight executive positions, Warner Cable and advertising.

In addition, 1987 Summer Programming budget got the go-ahead for more than $6,000. This will enable the SA to hire a band every week, a movie every two weeks and purchase 35 tickets for Chicago Cubs and Sox’s baseball games, Great America, Magic Waters, a water amusement park near Rockford and Ravinia.

The Programming budget has a revenue figure of about $2,000 which will go into the SA reserve fund, Schlepp said.

“This is the only programming for students in the summer,” said Steve Sawyer, programming representative.

New Student Welcome Days’ budget, which was cut by about $1,000, will allow the organization to hire entertainment for a beach party to welcome students back from the summer and to welcome new students to NIU, she said.

The Welcome Days organization has received funds for the past two years but has not been SA-recognized, Schlepp said. Friday is the deadline for filing the proper forms, she said.

The budget which had the least amount of funds approved was the Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic. IFC/Panhell’s budget requested $785 but got the OK for $303.50.

The organization will purchase door advertisements for the residence halls with the funds. Tom Zur, IFC/Pahell representative, said the $300 ads hang on door knobs. The ads have “Do Not Disturb” on one side and Greek Row rush dates on the other. With the remaining $3.50 the organizaton will print fliers for additional advertising.

The Office of Campus Recreation will receive more than $8,000 and the Recycling Station will receive more than $4,000 to pay summer salaries.

A supplemental budget request for $300 from the Recycling Station was denied by the committee. The request was for two representatives to attend a conference which would give the station experience, Schlepp said.