Douglas D-3 rampage

By Daron Walker

Residents of the third floor of Douglas Hall’s D-wing will be fined an undetermined amount of money for damage to study furniture and walls on their floor that occurred early April 23.

Floor resident Craig Boledovich said residents of the floor began the destruction around 12:30 a.m. after wedging pennies in the doors at the ends of each hallway to prevent them from being opened. “They pennied the doors, put computer paper on the windows, and then everyone went nuts,” he said.

Douglas Hall Associate Director Cathy Thomas said they had no estimate of the damage to the floor. The floor halls were repainted the next day, Thomas said. “We still don’t have an estimate, and, really, most of the damage isn’t from that night. We won’t know until the figures come in from the paint shop.”

Boledovich said he believes D-3 residents will be charged $3,000 in floor damages for the paint alone. “It will be $60 a guy for floor damage, $3,000 just to paint. They went right to the money belts,” he said.

Boledovich said the destruction occurred because felt they had been treated unfairly by the hall’s resident assistants during the year.

“It was just a rebellious move against the R.A. syndicate. They were giving us a bad rap at the beginning of the year pretty much for nothing,” Boledovich said. “This floor has been pretty rowdy in previous years, and they pinned that image on us. This has been like a battle.”

Douglas Hall D-1 R.A. Ed Gil said residents have been calling all year about noise on D-3. He said there have been several write-ups (rule violations) on the floor.

“I have people constantly calling me and complaining about D-3. We (RAs) get calls from floors above and below D-3, and we have to respond to those calls,” Gil said.

Thomas has attributed the destruction on floor D-3 to pressure. “The only thing that I can think of is that they were under a lot of pressure, and they released that pressure,” Thomas said.

esident Brian Callaghan said the floor was out of control after the doors were shut. “All I know is that these doors were pennied in and people went crazy. There were a few guys that weren’t (involved in the damage), but for the most part it was pretty much everybody,” Callaghan said.

Boledovich said D-3 floor residents received letters from the Douglas/Lincoln Hall Area Coordinator Sheryl Fischer-Mullis, who advised them to vacate their rooms one hour after completing their last final as a result of the floor damage. “The floor is pretty quiet right now,” Boledovich said.