Racist entertainer

If silence means agreement, then I cannot be silent when I think of the racism and sexism openly supported by Otto’s on St. Patrick’s night. With the racial tension we are experiencing at Northern, it is amazing to me that a neighboring bar would encourage and promote such abuse.

Never in my life have I heard such disgusting slander as was presented by Stevie Starlight, the band hired by Otto’s to play that night. First, the band leader led the audience in singing a song slandering Harold Washington. The song was called “F— Head.” To bring this up in Chicago migh have been regarded as political. In DeKalb it is racial. He then pointed to an elderly gentleman and referred to him as “Uncle Tom” and later called him a “negative Colonel Sanders.” Minutes later he was bringing all attention to two young women, asking the audience if we thought “these ladies had ever swallowed.”

This is what occurred before he began the vulgar descriptions. The frightening part is how many people appeared to be joining in the celebration of hurting others. I cannot help but ask the question: how have we, the students at Northern, presented ourselves to help Otto’s think this is what we want in our town?

Karen Rosen

graduate student

instructional technology