Egyptian Theatre to host final flashlight tour

By Jacob Roushia

DeKALB – The next 2019 Flashlight Tour will take place at 8 p.m., Friday at The Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. 2nd Street. It will be the last tour of the 2019 season.

The Flashlight Tour “lets you experience the Egyptian Theatre in a way that most don’t get to, in total darkness,” Jeanine Holcomb, Marketing & Communications Director at the Egyptian Theatre, said. “You not only get to explore the theatre, but you learn some interesting facts about the theatre’s history as well as hear some of the creepy ghost stories that we have heard and/or experienced.”

The ghost stories are made even scarier, because flashlights are required in order to see and be a part of the event, according to the Egyptian Theatre’s website. The theatre also encourages people to bring their cameras to take pictures. 

The tour will be hosted by by Alex Nerad, Executive Director of the Egyptian Theatre, and Holcomb. “On this tour you get to go on stage, down into the dressing rooms and even up into the projector booth above the balcony. You really get to explore some of the ‘hidden’ areas of the theatre,” Holcomb added.

The tour was available “about every other month,” through 2019, according to Nerad. The 2020 schedule has not been confirmed or created yet.

The unique idea of a ghost filled tour was recently founded. “Each year we go to a national historical theatre conference,” Holcomb said. “There we swap ideas with theatres from across the country and this was an idea we heard about from the Tampa Theatre in Florida.”

The show also offers an exclusive T-shirt for the Flashlight Tour on sale for $15 online or $20 at location. 

The purchase price for the tour itself is $20 for students and $25 for non students. The website itself says that tickets are very limited. 

“These tours continue to sell-out prior to the tour every single time,” Nerad said.  “I don’t know of any other tours in the area like this. It is a unique concept for a tour and most people are intrigued by the ghost stories.”