Tails of the Week: Munch and Maize


By Courtesy Tails

Hello! We’re Maize and Munch, 10 yr. old declawed cats, who are searching for a wonderful someone who will adopt the both of us. We adore one another and Tails will not part us. We are very sweet cats who love people and really enjoy being brushed and petted and scratched. Maize will even give you a kiss! We could sit for hours in your lap, so with us around, you’d never feel lonely. Munch finds children cause a bit too much commotion, so we’d like a home with adults, please. If you are looking for cats who instantly start purring and whose eyes light up at the sight of you, don’t waste one second more….come in and adopt us!!

P.S. Finding a special person wanting to take two at the same time is always more difficult so to help, our adoption fees have been completely donated!! 

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