Greek Alumni deliver life advice to current Greek Life students


Past members of NIU’s fraternity/sorority system came to speak about how their time in Greek Life helped them excel at life.

By Amy Geldean

Members of the Greek community learned about how skills they have now will translate over into life after college as successful NIU alumni spoke Wednesday at Barsema Hall.

The alumni featured at Greek Success were Eric Wasowicz from Pi Kappa Alpha, Anastasia Valentine from Alpha Sigma Alpha and John Butler from Sigma Nu. The three spoke about how to improve Greek life and how Greek life can influence potential careers.

Gustavo Casas, Executive Vice President of Interfraternity Council, said he organized the event to help bring the pride back into Greek life and show how powerful the Greek community can be if all the organizations unite in future endeavors.

Valentine, who was recently named president of the IT consulting firm Resource 1, explained how her loss of the 1992 presidential election of Alpha Sigma Alpha led to her interest in influencing Greek life outside of the organization.

“The interesting thing about losing the election is that it got me involved in other ways, like becoming an ambassador for Greek Row,” Valentine said . “Sometimes when you do not get to be an officer in your sorority or fraternity, it does not mean that there are not other windows there for you to explore.”

Wasowicz, who founded the IT company Greenbrier and Russel, said he was able to carry what he learned from Greek life into his career. He said he understood the impact the weekly meetings could have on a company like his.

“When people ask the secret to our success, I explain that when we were a fraternity house we used to meet on Mondays, and we still do that now,” Wasowicz said. “The lessons were learned in the house just kept on translating over the years, and we did not know it at the time that this stuff was going to help us down the road.”

All three alumni had the chance to share how becoming a member of a Greek organization can influence leadership and communication skills.

Butler, who is on the Board of Trustees at NIU, discussed how Greek life benefitted him and helped get him to where he is today.  

“Every interaction I had in Greek life, I viewed as an opportunity to enrich my life,” Butler said. “It really opened up a whole new world for me, and I had practical, social and professional advantages.”

Greek Success provided an opportunity for current members of the Greek community to engage and network with influential alumni.